We combine art and business

Management by Orchestra – event

During the event for McKinsey & Company we presented correlation between management of the company and functioning of the orchestra. We explained how it is possible to find similarity in the role of conductor and the role of CEO, functioning of the orchestra and the company. It was achieved through carefully selected examples of music, participation of musicians, score, dialogue between the conductor and the leader, analogy between music and various business areas. The result that we achieved was the perception of the strategic issues in a completely different dimension.

3D Installation - Design Thinking

We conduct workshops on effective management of projects and processes based on our original methodology Mas Consulting Design Thinking Framework. We show and practice all stages of Design Thinking processes and present a variety of its uses in many business areas. While working in interdisciplinary teams, we practice a different way of thinking about projects, building relationships with Clients, diagnosis of needs. We develop problem solving skills through creative methods and "out of the box" activities. In order to select the best products or services, we build prototypes of our solutions in the form of 3D installations.

International Cochran Piano Competition

MasConsulting Art & Business co-founder and strategic advisor of first edition of the International Cochran Piano Competition. The competition was held in 2015 and was organized in Polish-Australian cooperation. For the first time in the history such competition was based on the online platform. It is an unprecedented example of innovation in the field of music contests, expressed by its idea, as well as its approach to new technologies. As part of our activities we implemented an action strategy, we set management processes and long and short term goals. We created a development programme for the winners that was aimed at building their successful career. The programme included strategic career planning, development of presentation skills and building a personal brand.

Making colour – the values journey

Workshops on management through values helps to discover the core values of a company or an organization. We try to answer who we are as a company, what distinguishes us from competition, what can inspire development of our employees and services and what we can do in an innovative way. The result of this process is to create and paint the vision on the canvas. Color, form, details express how values determine our choices and behaviours. These workshops are inspiring journey for all participants.

Actor’s studio - the art of public speaking

It is an excellent tool to improve different skills such as presentation skills, communication of difficult topics, leadership with self-confidence, storytelling. Together with actors we practice various set of exercises based on improvisation techniques, prepared scenarios, creative stories, interesting games, working with a microphone, feedback from leading trainers. In addition we provide a theater of improvisation - strategic workshops that improve a decision making process.

Summer Art Academy - integration of fine arts

Main theme of Summer Academy of Arts is the integration of fine arts (music, painting, literature) and education in arts and personal development. Summer Academy of Arts creates a forum for the participants to strengthen personal and professional potential, it enables confrontation of ideas, exchange of experience and building new contacts. This includes organising art workshops (playing music based on historical practices), music master classes, painting workshops, lectures, discussion panel that are led by outstanding professionals and experts.

International Music Festival Sonosfera

The Festival was organised in parallel with Summer Academy of Arts. Many great artists and recognized authorities participated in this incredible event. The festival includes a series of concerts with participation of world-class artists who in an ingenious way perform masterpieces of chamber classical music. Music Festival Sonosfera in a direct way increases public awareness on belonging Sopot to cultural Europe. The festival gives a unique opportunity to exchange experience in various art fields and to share it with the audience during preconcert talks, lectures and seminars. Concerts are recorded by the Polish Radio Programme II.

Feel the Power – team building

The workshops focus on leadership skills such as communication in a team, cooperation, talent and change management. Artists and trainers who conduct workshops help participants develop leadership skills. They achieve it through implementation of tasks involving the use of different kinds of percussion instruments and various combinations of rhythms. Workshops enable participants to understand their role in a team, learn how to generate energy and create good atmosphere. Effects of these actions have a great impact on their daily work, increase flexibility and improve communication in the team. Workshops have good influence on sense of confidence and communication of ideas to others.

Management by Orchestra (workshops)

The main goal of the project is to discover similarities between leading the orchestra and functioning of the company. During the workshops we experiment with different pieces of music, score and orchestra set. Thanks to musicians, dialogue between the conductor and leader, analogy between music and various business areas, participants can understand their role in the company and perceive strategic business issues in a new dimension.

Mentoring Art Programmes

As part of Mentoring Art Programmes we organise many interesting discussions and meetings on selected aspects of business, culture and art. We recommend great business books, recordings of classical music and artistic trends. Our programmes include polemics with experts, contact with influential people and access cultural events. We run a variety of programmes for companies which focus on development of creativity and leadership skills.

Advisory for Art dei Suonatori Orchestra

We conducted business advisory project for Arte dei Suonatori Orchestra to build a new strategy and set business and marketing goals. We focused on creating long – term development plan to enable this institution further growth opportunities. For more than 20 years this orchestra has achieved many worldwide successes and participated in great international events, festivals, concerts performing music according to historical practices.

Art of possibilities in National Museum

The lecture Art of possibilities was a pretext to answer the question how art can help leaders improve their thinking outside the scheme. Through presenting a number of examples from various art fields, participants had the opportunity to learn how art can awaken creativity and release energy towards innovative change. The lecture was combined with the tour of monographic exhibition dedicated to the works of Alexander Gierymski. Art of opportunities was organised for members of Professional Women’s Network - Warsaw in the National Museum in Warsaw.