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Review by Magdalena Łoś - Komarnicka

"Vertigo" is a real head spin, a journey in time machine - recommendation for MasConsulting Art & Business by Magdalena - Łoś - Komarnicka, Polish Radio Programme 2.

In our section of expanding horizons, we recommend a new album of French harpsichordist Jean Rondeau with the music of Jean-Philippe Rameau. We met him in Poland before the world even heard about him. He gave his first concerts for us when he was almost 20. For several years, he has been returning to music festival “Muzyka w Raju”, Poznan Baroque. Together with the Nevermind band he performed in the National Philharmonic in Warsaw. Media and audience love him because he perfectly meets their expectations and needs. He is a very interesting and good looking musician who is liked by the audience. A year before his graduation, he won a prestigious Early Music Competition in Bruges. He also won a second place in harpsichord competition in Prague for the best interpretation of a contemporary composition. A year ago, he made a debut with an album "Imagine" with Bach music which brought him a prestigious French phonographic award - the Grand Prix Académie Charles Cros in the category "classical instrumentalist of the year". Now he has released a new album, this time French music. If you associate harpsichord with the museum object and delicacy that should be protected in a cabinet, this album will change your mind. This instrument has become popular in the twentieth century for performing the early and contemporary music that is created by today's composers inspired by its incredible sound. I have impression that Jean Rondeau offers us 2 in1. Old music, old instrument, but its interpretation is in our modern world with its boon and burden. At the same time this album is a kind of journey into the future, a harbinger of what will happen in the world of classical music in next decades. Listening to Rondeau music we can imagine which direction this world is heading for as his generation will decide about it. Jean Rondeau turned 25 in April, 2016.


Recommended by PhD Agnieszka Wolińska-Skuza

This book presents steps, techniques and tools, illustrated by genuinely cases to inspire and assist in the endeavor towards innovation. It helps to define and understand clients' needs through innovative Design Thinking methodology that is focused on people and creative approach to solving problems. The market, competitors and clients change and companies need to be prepared for new ways of organising themselves and new meanings for products and services. Besides helping with the adaptation process, innovation offers a holistic vision and indispensable tools to identify opportunities and risks. Design Thinking is one of these tools that introduces a new way of thinking and brings technology and people together. Each Design Thinking phase described in this publication gives a chance to comprehend project management from different points of view. Problems are analysed from client and the end users' perspective to understand consumers' needs and create intelligent and creative solutions.


Abstract In my mind has been painted by Marta Zawadzka who cooperates with MasConsulting Art & Business on Design Thinking workshops and also on many other creative workshops for leaders.

Abstract painting gave a chance to look at artistic works from a different perspective. This resulted in the discovery of innovative ways to create works, use a variety of techniques to create, revival and reinvention of the medium. Abstract painters (Vassily Kandinski, Paul Klee, Jacson Pollock) changed the nature of painting by using large canvases, vigorous lines, contrasts which created new artistic processes. They were looking for new forms, rejecting the figurativeness for the internal construction of the paintings, line of colored stains and simple geometric forms. Many artists have experimented with materials, often unconventional, using different types of paint, including industrial, sprays and others. Artists have also developed new techniques for applying the various layers of paint. Through these unconventional ways of painting, abstract artists are looking for new forms of self-expression and personal freedom in their work and Marta Zawadzka's works are an excellent example of this trend.



Recommended by Matti Muller

Nasion (Seed Cathedral) is an example of Thomas Heatherwick's innovative architecture. Matti Muller, designer and architect recommends architectural project for MasConsulting Art & Business.

More beautiful future? Architect Thomas Heatherwick in his last projects shows creative and biologically inspired models. Some are alterations of ordinary objects such as: a bus, a bridge, a power plant ... and one is amazing pavilon Nasion (Seed Cathedral) The British pavilion was designed by Heatherwick studio for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. This futuristic project consists of 60,000 thin, transparent acrylic rods. Heatherwick studio set itself 3 objectives - to create an architecture that would be a manifestation of pavilion exhibition content, to form public space where visitors could relax and to find a simple way to stand out among hundreds of pavilions. The six-storey pavilion resembles the huge size dandelion. Its walls are pierced with 60, 000 of thin, transparent tubes with a length of 7.5 meters. During the day they work like optical fibers leading natural light to the interior of the building. At night they conduct it from the inside to the outside illuminating the entire structure. The building was located on a square with a surface that is supposed to be associated with a crumpled piece of paper in which the object was once wrapped. Now after unpacking the object, it lies next to it covering the plot. Surrounding of the building was intended to be an open space for public events, as well as shelter for visitors.