We combine art and business

Art & Business Advisory

We create a platform for developing cooperation between art and culture institutions and business communities. In art and culture sector we provide solutions that increase organizational and management potential and in business sector we promote creative and innovative solutions that are successfully used by artists.

  • We advise on effective management using a creative approach to problem solving
  • We conduct diagnosis research of organisation for various sectors, including art and culture sector
  • We facilitate art and culture sponsorship activities in terms of legal and fiscal policy
  • We organise meetings that initiate contacts with individuals, business organisations and art and culture institutions

Programmes and workshops

We conduct workshops and programmes based on a unique methodology and interesting case studies and experience that we mastered during more than 10,000 hours of trainings.

  • Mentoring Art - a variety of programmes for companies focused on creativity development
  • Design Thinking - workshops on effective project management and problem solving based on our own methodology of project implementation
  • Management by the Orchestra - strategic workshops focused on change management in the organisation, with presence and participation of the symphony orchestra
  • Paint your vision- workshops aimed to perfect a vision creation and implement strategic goals while using artistic techniques
  • Out of the box thinking - workshops for leaders focused on thinking outside the scheme in the style of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Feel the power - workshops aimed at building engagement and communication within the team, with the use of drums instruments
  • Improvisation theatre - strategic workshop improving ability of decision making process, inspired by stage techniques
  • Making Impact - art of presentation and public speaking, powered by cooperation with actors
  • Business and Culture Club – programmes for leaders including inspiring meetings and workshops, based on expertise, views and opinions about economy, business and art trends. The Club promotes activities that support personal development and enable leaders to benefit from different intellectual sources and art and business knowledge

Lectures and seminars

We conduct lectures and seminars during conferences and important events to share our knowledge and present the latest global trends and publications from Art & Business area. Examples of lectures:

  • Think like Leonardo da Vinci - 7 principles of creative thinking
  • Art of possibilities - how to make the right decisions
  • Design Thinking - an innovative approach to project management and creative problem solving
  • Human Capital Management - factors that determine creative skills development
  • How contemporary design influences everyday life
  • Jeff Koons, Damien Hirrst, still artists or maybe already businessmen of art
  • Paint your vision - details in paintings, life and business


We specialise in organising exclusive events for our Clients. Each event is designed and inspired by world of art.

  • We advise and assist in arranging events that promote cooperation between the world of business and art
  • We organise concerts, art exhibitions and conferences
  • We offer artistic setting in realisation of business events and company anniversaries