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Design Thinking workshops

We invite you to participate in Design Thinking workshops on project management and creative approach to problem solving. Workshops program has been developed by the team of MasConsulting Art & Business experts.

During the workshops, we present Design Thinking process and work methodology. We improve the abilities of building relationships with Clients, effective presenting of ideas and solving problems through innovative methods.

Who should take part in the workshops?

  • For companies that are looking for creative and effective ways of solving problems
  • For leaders who want to develop skills of generating new ideas
  • For managers aspiring to take up leadership roles, wishing to improve project management skills in an innovative way
  • For all who would like to gain practical knowledge, skills and get to know Design Thinking Mindset

What gives you participation in the workshops?

  • You will become familiar with Design Thinking methodology and you will find out how to use it in the relationship with a Client
  • You will develop the abilities to define the problem and find a solution while using innovative methods
  • You will understand techniques of developing and improving ideas
  • You will find out how contemporary design influences everyday life and how it can inspire you to change the way of thinking - based on inspiring examples of creative solutions in today's world - architecture, design, industrial design, street art
  • It develops creativity of individuals and also the entire team
  • It allows companies to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage
  • It helps in building a strong brand for many years
  • It maximises the work effects of interdisciplinary teams

Purpose of the workshops

  • Going through the whole process of Design Thinking methodology
  • Finding out how to use Design Thinking in various business areas.
  • Practicing a different way of thinking about projects, Clients, tasks
  • Developing problem - solving skills through creative methods and also through "out of the box" activities


  • You will discover step by step Design Thinking method / process
  • You will practice how to use Design Thinking in many different business areas
  • You will learn how to face different challenges while working in a group
  • You will have the opportunity to consult your own projects with practitioners
  • You will learn how to present ideas
  • Certificate issued by MasConsulting Art & Business


  • 1st date: June 9, 2016 (from 1PM to 6PM)
  • 2nd date: June 11, 2016 (from 1PM to 6PM)

Write your preferred date in an e-mail.


Warsaw (There is a possibility to organise the workshops in other cities)

Take Part

If you want to take part in Design Thinking workshops write to us at: biuro@masconsulting.pl. In the message, write

  • your first name and surname
  • your e-mail
  • your phone number
  • preferred date: June, 9 or June, 11

Take part in Design Thinking Workshops